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Biogen/Idec: still a matter of size

Biogen/Idec: still a matter of size The merger of Biogen and Idec Pharmaceuticals, announced June 23, is likely to help the two relatively isolated companies increase presence in their disease areas. The annual R&D budget for the new pharmaceutical entity, to be called Biogen Idec Inc, will be $500 million, according to company reports.

Coffee Plants Can Produce Less Caffeine

Coffee Plants Can Produce Less Caffeine Researchers say they have genetically engineered coffee plants that have 70 percent less caffeine than usual in their leaves. The crucial question for brewing coffee � whether beans from those plants will have less caffeine � won’t be known for three to four years when the plants mature

Report Says More Farmers Don't Follow Biotech Rules

Report Says More Farmers Don’t Follow Biotech Rules A new study, drawn from government data, shows that more farmers are failing to comply with standards governing the planting of genetically modified corn than the industry has claimed. Nearly one-fifth of farms growing the main type of genetically engineered corn, BT corn, are violating government rules […]

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