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  1. Here is a short presentation of EuroBiO, the big event that will take place in France, from the 26th to 28th of September 2007.
    If you want to meet the European market, it is the place to be!
    The 4 main aspects that make this event unique – conferences, a trade exhibition, a business convention and a recruitment drive – make it possible to bring together partners from the worlds of Research, Industry and Finance. All aspects of the subject will be represented, from the “health sector” applications for biotechnology (pharmacy, diagnosis) to the fields in which biotechnology provides technological solutions and product applications (cosmetics, chemistry, the environment, the food industry…).
    Above all, EuroBiO is also a question of knowledge, enhanced by first-hand reports and exchanges of experiences. There are some 40 lectures bringing together more than 200 speakers of world renown. The participants will be united around 4 themes:

    – Business development and the economics of biotechnology
    – “Red” biotechnology
    – “White” and “green” biotechnology
    – Regulatory affairs, technology transfer and intellectual rights.

    If you want further information, just contact me.

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