A new journal in town…

A new journal in town…

If, like me, you miss the late Acumen Journal, you’ll be glad to hear that a very similar journal has launched. The Journal of Life Sciences brands itself “Where science and society meet.”

A copy appeared in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to post a blog about it. Now that the web site’s up, I highly recommend browsing around. One of the more interesting articles is Steve Burrill’s The Global Transformation. Just as manufacturing and back-office operations have gone global, so too have research and development in the life sciences. What does this mean for the diversity and relevance of products? Regulation and intellectual property protection? Job security?



  1. There are some great stories there, definitely a journal to keep my eyes on. I was tempted to try the free subscription, but since I’m not in a lab anymore I felt too guilty! Thanks for sharing this.

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