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On the same day that AstraZeneca has announced that it intents to completely outsource all of its drug manufacturing, citing the prevalence of external parties who can do it better and cheaper, Sanofi has announced plans toIf you understand the rules and strategies of <a href=”http;//www.now-blackjack.com” mce_href=”http;//www.now-blackjack.com”>free blackajck online</a> it won’t be difficult for you. increase it’s biotechnology presence, particularly in manufacturing.

With the start of a new school year, a new cohort of students are entering biotechnology programs. In order to facilitate those who are using my book, Building Biotechnology, I have set up a networking and information group on facebook.

I’m always interested in tracking the outcomes of students in biotechnology programs. If you’re a student using my book, are already in the industry, or are just interested in biotechnology, go ahead and join. I also invite you to join my network on LinkedIn.

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com:

Drug Patent Expirations in September 2007
*Drugs may be covered by more than one patent

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent NumberPatent Expiration
BETAXONAlconlevobetaxolol hydrochloride4,911,920SEP 27,2007
BETOPTIC SAlconbetaxolol hydrochloride4,911,920SEP 27,2007
CARDIOLITEBristol Myers Squibbtechnetium tc-99m sestamibi kit4,885,100SEP 11,2007
COGNEXSciele Pharma Inctacrine hydrochloride4,816,456SEP 09,2007
COREGSmithkline Beechamcarvedilol4,503,067SEP 05,2007
COREG CRSb Pharmcocarvedilol phosphate4,503,067SEP 05,2007
MIRALUMABristol Myers Squibbtechnetium tc-99m sestamibi kit4,885,100SEP 11,2007
NEXIUMAstrazenecaesomeprazole magnesium4,738,974SEP 01,2007
PENLACSanofi Aventis Usciclopirox4,957,730SEP 18,2007
PULMICORTAstrazenecabudesonide4,907,583SEP 13,2007
TECZEMBiovaildiltiazem malate; enalapril maleate4,880,631SEP 24,2007
TIAMATEMerckdiltiazem malate4,880,631SEP 24,2007

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com