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Venture Capital Returns

At a recent event was recently asked about investment outcomes for venture capitalists. I didn’t have any recent data, so I said that VCs generally expect that 1/3 of their investments will see great returns, 1/3 will see modest or no returns, and 1/3 will not be profitable. VC Fred Wilson as Union Square Ventures […]

Rethink PCR

Bio-Rad’s got an interesting website up: RethinkPCR. The company’s name isn’t posted on the front page, but is readily available in the contest terms and conditions and privacy policy. It’s an interesting strategy to acquire consumer intelligence. Of course, consumers don’t always ask for what they want — they tend to ask for incremental improvements […]

Drug Patent Expirations in November 2007

Courtesy of Drug Patent Expirations in November 2007*Drugs may be covered by more than one patent Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration ANDRODERM Watson Labs testosterone 4,849,224 NOV 12,2007 ANDRODERM Watson Labs testosterone 4,983,395 NOV 12,2007 AVITA Mylan Bertek tretinoin 4,971,800 NOV 20,2007 COMTAN Orion entacapone 4,963,590 NOV 27,2007 ELOCON Schering mometasone […]

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