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Two new biotechnology books:
I’m proud to announce two new books featuring international best practices in biotechnology business development and biotechnology education. These new books respectively empower industry leaders operating in the dynamic biotechnology industry, and help address the global shortage of skilled biotechnology workers.


First Edition, March 2008
Perfect Bound, 342 pages, US$74.95
ISBN: 978-09734676-7-3
Best Practices in Biotechnology Education
22 International Best Practices in K-12, College, Certificate, Master’s, Doctoral, MBA, Distance Education Programs and Student Groups
This international compilation is directed at faculty and program directors seeking to start or expand biotechnology education programs; policy makers and economic developers seeking to meet workforce needs; and, students, scientists, and business professionals looking to enter the biotechnology industry or upgrade their existing skills. The included cases describe a wide variety of international programs from high-school through Ph.D. levels, and student clubs. Some programs are in their first years whereas others are quite mature and have diversified to offer myriad degree and certificate programs.

First Edition, March 2008
Perfect Bound, 186 pages, US$67.95
ISBN: 978-09734676-0-4
Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development
Valuation, Licensing, Cash Flow, Pharmacoeconomics, Market Selection, Communication, and Intellectual Property
Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development provides a framework to understand critical issues in biotechnology business development. Experts from a wide range of disciplines have contributed best practices based on their experiences and expertise, enabling biotechnology entrepreneurs, senior managers, directors, and officers to develop a better understanding of the key elements in these operations, empowering them to better manage their implementation.
These books complement my recent title, Building Biotechnology:

Second Edition, August 2006
Hardcover, 320 pages, US$54.95
ISBN: 09734676-3-0
Building Biotechnology
Scientists know science; businesspeople know business.
This book explains both.

As biotechnology changes paradigms in medicine, agriculture, and industrial processes, there is a pressing need for cross-trained individuals capable of developing new innovations and bringing them to market. Building Biotechnology helps readers start and manage biotechnology companies and understand the business of biotechnology. This acclaimed book describes the convergence of scientific, political, regulatory, and commercial factors that drive the biotechnology industry and define its scope.

For more information, contact info@thinkbiotech.com.

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com:

Drug Patent Expirations in March 2008
*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent NumberPatent Expiration
CARDIZEM CDBiovaildiltiazem hydrochloride5,002,776MAR 26,2008
CARDURA XLPfizerdoxazosin mesylate4,837,111MAR 21,2008
CIPRO IN DEXTROSE 5% IN PLASTIC CONTAINERBayer Pharmsciprofloxacin4,957,922MAR 18,2008
CIPRO IN SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9% IN PLASTIC CONTAINERBayer Pharmsciprofloxacin4,957,922MAR 18,2008
ESCLIMWomen First Hlthcareestradiol4,842,864MAR 25,2008
IFEXBristol Myers Squibbifosfamide4,882,452MAR 03,2008
IFEX/MESNEX KITBristol Myers Squibbifosfamide; mesna4,882,452MAR 03,2008
NEXIUMAstrazenecaesomeprazole magnesium4,738,974MAR 01,2008
NEXIUMAstrazenecaesomeprazole magnesium4,783,974MAR 01,2008
RESCULAR Tech Ueno Ltdunoprostone isopropyl5,151,444MAR 19,2008
SEMPREX-DUcb Incacrivastine; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride4,650,807MAR 26,2008
TOPROL-XLAstrazenecametoprolol succinate4,957,745MARVariationen von <a href=”http://www.pokergrand.de/beste-online-strip-poker-download-wettkonto-pages.html” mce_href=”http://www.pokergrand.de/beste-online-strip-poker-download-wettkonto-pages.html”>strip poker download</a>. 18,2008
TOPROL-XLAstrazenecametoprolol succinate5,001,161MAR 18,2008
TOPROL-XLAstrazenecametoprolol succinate5,081,154MAR 18,2008
UVADEXTherakosmethoxsalen4,999,375MAR 12,2008
VIVELLENovartisestradiol4,814,168MAR 04,2008
VIVELLENovartisestradiol4,994,267MAR 04,2008
VIVELLENovartisestradiol4,994,278MAR 04,2008
VUSIONBarriermiconazole nitrate; petrolatum, white; zinc oxide4,911,932MAR 27,2008

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com