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The April 2010 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 16, Issue 2


Case studies in innovation: What enables outstanding achievements? PDF
Yali Friedman


Biotechnology marketing: Insider and outsider views PDF
Päivi Eriksson, Heidi Rajamäki
The current M&A environment and its strategic implications for emerging biotherapeutics companies PDF
Mohan Sowlay, Scott Lloyd
Practical approaches to early stage life sciences technology valuations PDF
Stephen Mayhew
Commercializing synthetic biology: Socio-ethical concerns and challenges under intellectual property regime PDF
Trichi Saukshmya, Archana Chugh
From carbon to carbohydrates: Corporate strategies for biopolymer technology development PDF
Avrath Chadha
Biotechnology in the capital region of Europe PDF
Jan Wauters

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Legal and regulatory update PDF
Gerry Kamstra, John Wilkinson

Conference Report

Funding the dream at the Mid-Atlantic Biotech Conference PDF
Harley King

Book Reviews

Book Review: Getting to Plan B: Breaking through to a better business model PDF
Arlen D Meyers
Book Review: Driving innovation – Intellectual property strategies for a dynamic world PDF
Barry J Marenberg
Book Review: Intellectual property, medicine and health: Current debates PDF
Stanley P Kowalski
Bird & Bird

As promised, I have posted my observations from the 2009 Kyoto Prize. I had an opportunity to interact with each of the laureates, and focused on the question of how they were able to accomplish their exemplary achievements. It is not enough to simply be brilliant or hard-working — all their peers likely share these characteristics. What are the differentiating factors that enabled their unique achievements?

My observations appear in the latest issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, and are available for viewing without subscription.

The next DCbiotech meeting will be at the Redwood Restaurant and Bar in Bethesda, MD on April 14th 2010. Redwoods is at 7121 Bethesda Ave, and we’ll be meeting in the bar area from 6-8pm. To facilitate finding the group, you may want to check out my photo on the about page.

Also, we will have a special guest. John Avellanet, frequent BiotechBlog contributor and author of the upcoming book Get to Market Now! will be in attendance. A limited number of books will be available for signing and sale.

Drug Patent Expirations in April 2010

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration
HYZAAR Merck hydrochlorothiazide; losartan potassium 5,153,197*PED Apr 6, 2010
IPLEX Insmed mecasermin rinfabate recombinant 5,200,509 Apr 6, 2010
COZAAR Merck losartan potassium 5,153,197*PED Apr 6, 2010
DUODOTE Meridian Medcl atropine; pralidoxime chloride 5,092,843 Apr 12, 2010
EMBEDA Alpharma King morphine sulfate; naltrexone hydrochloride 5,202,128 Apr 13, 2010
KADIAN Actavis Elizabeth morphine sulfate 5,202,128 Apr 13, 2010
MUSE Vivus alprostadil 5,773,020 Apr 25, 2010
FLOMAX Boehringer Ingelheim tamsulosin hydrochloride 4,703,063*PED Apr 27, 2010

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