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I will be giving a talk on Educating the Next Generation of Biotechnology Founders and Managers at Pittcon in Orlando on March 1st.

The talk will be based on my observations in writing  Building Biotechnology and editing Best Practices in Biotechnology Education, in addition to the teaching I’ve done on the topic. I’ll be posting my slides after the event, but for a preview you can see my recent editorial on continuing education in biotechnology in the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.

Hope to meet some readers while I’m down there…

Drug Patent Expirations in February 2010

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent Number Patent Expiration
ZAGAMMylansparfloxacin4,795,751Feb 4, 2010
TEVETENAbbotteprosartan mesylate5,185,351Feb 9, 2010
MYOVIEWGe Healthcaretechnetium tc-99m tetrofosmin kit5,045,302Feb 9, 2010
TEVETEN HCTAbbotteprosartan mesylate; hydrochlorothiazide5,185,351Feb 9, 2010
HYZAARMerckhydrochlorothiazide; losartan potassium5,138,069*PEDFeb 11, 2010
COZAARMercklosartan potassium5,138,069*PEDFeb 11, 2010
EXUBERAPfizerinsulin recombinant humanRE37872Feb 12, 2010
EXUBERAPfizerinsulin recombinant humanRE38385Feb 12, 2010
MEPRONGlaxosmithklineatovaquone4,981,874*PEDFeb 15, 2010
NITRO-DURKey Pharmsnitroglycerin5,186,938Feb 16, 2010
SANDIMMUNENovartiscyclosporine7,511,014Feb 16, 2010
ALDARAGracewayimiquimod4,689,338*PEDFeb 25, 2010

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I’m giving a talk at Pittcon on biotechnology training this spring. As many readers know, I have been very active in biotechnology education through my books and the classes I teach. So, I’ve got a strong sense of the supply-side of biotechnology education and training, and the academic side of biotechnology education, but would like some more perspective on the industry side of biotechnology education and training.

So, I’d like to post an open question:

How do you train your new biotechnology employees?

I want to learn more about the training systems used to bring new hires, with either scientific or business backgrounds, up to speed on the business of biotechnology. What are the methods and tools you use? You may post your response in the comments below, or if you’d rather be off the record, feel free to contact me directly.

I’m honored to have been selected as one of the judges of the 2010 Biotech Humanitarian award. More details are available in a press release and blog post about the award.  The Biotechnology Industry Association created the Award to recognize an everyday hero who has helped to heal, fuel and feed the planet through their work in the broad biotech arena.

BIO is accepting nominations for the 2010 Award via www.iambiotech.org/award through January 31, 2010.

The January 2010 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 16, Issue 1


Time for a new business model?PDF
Yali Friedman


Why data exclusivity is the new patent protectionPDF
Peter J Pitts
Follow-on biologic drug competition – No need for new marketing exclusivitiesPDF
Michael S Wroblewski, Elizabeth A Jex


Pharmaceutical royalties in licensing deals: No place for the 25 per cent rule of thumbPDF
Nigel Borshell, Adrian Dawkes
Exploring technology agglomeration patterns for multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology firmsPDF
Mark J Ahn, Michael Meeks, Sally Davenport, Rebecca Bednarek
Intellectual property landscape and patenting opportunity in biofuelsPDF
Ramasamy Mannan
Challenges and opportunities in the licensing of renewable technologiesPDF
Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Mike Gilbert, Ilian P Iliev
Ethiopia: Biotechnology for developmentPDF
Desta Berhe Sbhatu
Innovation and commercialisation in the stem cell industries in Australia: State strategies and other opportunities to build a competitive position in the global stem cell economyPDF
Olivia Harvey

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Using IP audits to optimize IP assetsPDF
James G Cullem

Book Reviews

Book Review: Health-care investing: Profiting from the new world of pharma, biotech and health-care servicesPDF
Frank LaSaracina
Book Review: Aging, Biotechnology, and the FuturePDF
Harley King

Drug Patent Expirations in January 2010

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent Number Patent Expiration
XOPENEXSepracorlevalbuterol hydrochloride6,083,993Jan 5, 2010
XOPENEX HFASepracorlevalbuterol tartrate5,844,002Jan 5, 2010
XOPENEXSepracorlevalbuterol hydrochloride5,844,002Jan 5, 2010
XOPENEX HFASepracorlevalbuterol tartrate5,760,090Jan 5, 2010
XOPENEX HFASepracorlevalbuterol tartrate6,083,993Jan 5, 2010
XOPENEXSepracorlevalbuterol hydrochloride5,760,090Jan 5, 2010
MONOPRILBristol Myers Squibbfosinopril sodium5,006,344*PEDJan 10, 2010
MONOPRIL-HCTBristol Myers Squibbfosinopril sodium; hydrochlorothiazide5,006,344*PEDJan 10, 2010
CLARINEXScheringdesloratadine5,178,878Jan 12, 2010
REMERON SOLTABOrganon Usa Incmirtazapine5,178,878Jan 12, 2010
ORAPRED ODTSciele Pharma Incprednisolone sodium phosphate5,178,878Jan 12, 2010
FAZACLO ODTAzur Pharma Intlclozapine5,178,878Jan 12, 2010
ALLEGRASanofi Aventis Usfexofenadine hydrochloride5,178,878Jan 12, 2010
REFLUDANBayer Hlthcarelepirudin recombinant5,180,668Jan 19, 2010
ELMIRONOrtho Mcneil Janssenpentosan polysulfate sodium5,180,715Jan 19, 2010
VFENDPfizervoriconazole5,376,645Jan 23, 2010
GEODONPfizerziprasidone mesylate5,376,645Jan 23, 2010
NEXTERONEPrism Pharmsamiodarone hydrochloride5,134,127Jan 23, 2010
VFENDPfizervoriconazole5,134,127Jan 23, 2010
GEODONPfizerziprasidone mesylate5,134,127Jan 23, 2010

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com

This information is also available in an email newsletter: Subscribe to the DrugPatentWatch Patent Expiration Bulletin.