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I will be giving a talk on “Using patent information to track globalization” at the ACS conference in Anaheim next week. The talk is part of the ACS Division of Chemistry and Law session on What Can Patent Information Do For Scientists, and is based on analysis of data from DrugPatentWatch. I look forward to meeting BiotechBlog readers who may be in attendance. For those who cannot make the event, my talk will be based on my work on globalization of pharmaceutical innovation.

Fortune magazine recently published an article on the growing trend of generic companies challenging pharmaceutical drug patents. I enjoyed working with the writer to help layout the industry landscape, and share my knowledge of drug patents and trends from It’s a good read, and it does an excellent job of laying out the legal, regulatory, and economic mess that the pharmaceutical industry has become. is proud to announce the addition of a vital new feature to it's rich collection of drug patent intelligence tools: a Paragraph IV Certification newsfeed.

    I had the pleasure of serving as a judge for last year’s Biotech Humanitarian Award, and now it’s time for nomination’s for this year’s award. The Award will be given to an individual who, through their work in or support of biotechnology, is harnessing its potential to heal, fuel or feed the planet.

    In the words of BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood.  “The Biotech Humanitarian Award offers us the opportunity to highlight our biotech innovators – the men and women who are pioneering real solutions to improve people’s lives and the health of our planet.”     The Humanitarian Award honors work that aims to reduce human suffering significantly or enhance the human experience in a way that has a clear and direct benefit to society.  Additional consideration will be given to approaches that are at a turning point and may potentially have immeasurable influence.

    Last year’s Award was bestowed upon Robert Klein, chairman of the governing board of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).  Klein is best known as the author and Chairman of California’s Proposition 71, the $6 billion “California Stem Cell Research and Cures” ballot initiative, which supports research with a focus on pluripotent (embryonic) and progenitor stem cell research.  As chairman of CIRM, Klein manages the peer review and grant process for the $3 billion in stem cell research funding authorized by the Initiative.

    The inaugural Award was bestowed upon Dr. Jay Keasling, CEO of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at the University of California at Berkley and acting Deputy Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Keasling was honored for his break-through work in synthetic biology, which at commercial scale, will allow for lower cost access to first-line treatment for malaria, as well as significantly advance production of the next generation of biofuels.  Keasling has previously said that he expects the new malaria treatment to be released at the end of 2011 or in early 2012.

    The Award and a prize of $10,000 will be presented at the 2011 BIO International Convention, in Washington, DC on June 27-30, 2011.  Nominations are open to all individuals and can be accessed via  Nominees will be evaluated and judged on the following criteria: Impact on future generations; Impact on contemporary society; Contribution to the field of biotechnology; and Level of innovation exhibited.

    Qualified nominees for the Biotech Humanitarian Award will be professionals in the biotechnology field including scientists, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, financiers, philanthropists, educators, advocates and others who have added value to society through their pursuit of biotechnology processes.

    Drug Patent Expirations in March 2011

    *Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

    Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration
    AZOPT Alcon brinzolamide 5,240,923*PED Mar 1, 2011
    SYMLIN Amylin pramlintide acetate 6,610,824 Mar 3, 2011
    NITROLINGUAL PUMPSPRAY Pohl Boskamp nitroglycerin 5,186,925 Mar 6, 2011
    SYMLIN Amylin pramlintide acetate 6,610,824 Mar 8, 2011
    SYMLIN Amylin pramlintide acetate 7,407,934 Mar 8, 2011
    SYMLIN Amylin pramlintide acetate 5,998,367 Mar 8, 2011
    VANTAS Endo Pharm histrelin acetate 5,292,515 Mar 8, 2011
    SUPPRELIN LA Endo Pharm histrelin acetate 5,292,515 Mar 8, 2011
    SYMLIN Amylin pramlintide acetate 7,271,238 Mar 8, 2011
    FOLLISTIM Organon Usa Inc follitropin alfa/beta 5,270,057 Mar 20, 2011
    PROSCAR Merck finasteride 6,046,183 Mar 20, 2011
    FAMVIR Novartis famciclovir 5,246,937*PED Mar 21, 2011
    XALATAN Pharmacia And Upjohn latanoprost 5,422,368 Mar 22, 2011
    XALATAN Pharmacia And Upjohn latanoprost 5,296,504 Mar 22, 2011
    ENTEREG Adolor alvimopan 5,250,542 Mar 29, 2011

    This information is also available in an email newsletter: Subscribe to the DrugPatentWatch Patent Expiration Bulletin. Courtesy of