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Career Development at UNC Chapel Hill

I’ll be giving a talk on career development in biotechnology at UNC-Chapel Hill on Wednesday May 16th at 4pm in the Bioinformatics Building (ground floor auditorium), to be followed by a social/networking session at Top of the Hill (local brewery) at 5:30. My talk will open with my meandering career path, (hopefully) provide some guidance […]

Greenpeace a champion for genetic modification?

What does Greenpeace oppose more: Patents, or genetic modification? This question has been answered in a recent patent case where the European Patent Office (EPO) rejected a Monsanto patent for a technique for genetic modification of plants. The patent, which was due to expire in 2008, describes a method to use a ‘particle gun’ to […]

Indian biotechnology: Full of promise, challenged by patents

India’s biotechnology industry has the potential to become a major driver of the country’s economy, but is challenged by one vital omission: patent protection. While current patent laws support a strong Indian generic industry, they also impede foreign investment. Without foreign investment India loses trading opportunities, and without a capacity to produce branded drugs India […]

Drug Patent Expirations in May 2007

Courtesy of Drug Patent Expirations in May 2007*Drugs may be covered by more than one patent Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration DIPROLENE Schering betamethasone dipropionate 4,775,529 MAY 21,2007 HABITROL Novartis nicotine 5,834,011 MAY 01,2007 OMNISCAN Ge Healthcare gadodiamide 4,687,659 MAY 04,2007 PATANOL Alcon olopatadine hydrochloride 4,923,892 MAY 08,2007 RANEXA Cv Therap […]

Update on the price control power struggle

I previously posted how price controls and compulsory licensing give buyers more power … for a price and Abbott’s spat with Thailand, where they threatened to stop offering any new drugs in the country as a reaction to price controls. The latest developments, however, show that pharma companies do not have the upper hand. Abbott’s […]

Abbott Gets Tough with Thailand

In response to Thailand’s decision to issue compulsory licenses for Kaletra and for Plavix, effectively bypassing their patents by purchasing generic versions from India, Abbott has responded by redusing to launch any new drugs in Thailand. As I discussed in an earlier post, price controls and compulsory licensing give buyers more power … for a […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to the April 10, 2007 edition of Carnival of Biotechnology. Finance and business development On Pharma presents a report that tens of thousands of pharma sales reps are suing current and former employers for overtime – $1 billion in settlements could be at stake. H.S. Ayoub presents The Biotech Industry: 30 Years of Failure […]