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Cloning Remains a Meaty Issue
The Food and Drug Administration soon will decide whether the meat in your Philly cheese steak or your barbecue spareribs could come from a cloned animal.
Because of safety concerns, the FDA has barred the handful of companies that clone farm animals from selling them for meat. But since early this year, those companies have been submitting data — generated by independent research firms — to the FDA.

Sabotage of biotech firms grows
A growing militant movement opposed to genetic engineering in agriculture and medicine is turning to violent and criminal sabotage — from the bombing of a Bay area biotech company to the destruction of genetically modified crops.
As a result, targeted companies aren’t just taking extra security precautions but also often altering business strategies. The violence, which the FBI says suddenly became more serious this year, stems in part from frustration that peaceful protests have failed to slow the pace of biotech’s progress.

High hopes for biotech companies / IPOs getting ready to go as startups woo VC investors
Biotechnology leaders are cautiously celebrating the end of a two- year financial slump this autumn as more than a dozen companies line up to go public and the latest class of young startups shows its stuff to potential venture capital partners at a conference in San Francisco today and Thursday.

GE’s Genomic Future
On its face, General Electric’s $9.5 billion stock purchase of Amersham is about imaging systems. But the more far-reaching consequences of the deal puts GE on the cutting edge of how new knowledge about genetics is used to treat patients. The deal could put General Electric in direct competition with diagnostic and drug firms such as Roche and Abbott Laboratories.