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Venter Announces $500K Prize for Significant Advances Toward $1,000 Genome
“Just before lunch today at the GSAC conference, Craig Venter stood before the crowd and announced a mouth-watering proposition: a $500,000 Genomic Technology Prize to be awarded by the J. Craig Venter Science Foundation to a person or organization that develops technology ‘to significantly advance’ automated DNA sequencing toward making the $1,000 genome a reality.”

The Odd Couple – CombinatoRx brings matchmaking to drug discovery and development
While almost everyone in the drug industry is looking for ways to speed new drugs to market, CombinatoRx has taken a particularly pragmatic approach: Rather than looking for new drugs, it is searching for novel combinations of existing drugs with synergistic effects.

Biotechs big winners in VC rebound

Biotechnology companies are leading a rebound in venture capital investment in the New York metro area, a new survey shows.

Investors put $380 million into 56 companies in the second quarter of this year, for a 63% jump in venture capital investment over the first quarter, according to the MoneyTree Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association.