The next big thing is…

The next big thing is… According to the most recent MoneyTree Survey, a report put together by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association, which tracks venture capital investments, biotech and medical equipment firms are really the next big thing … Although overall VC funding in the third quarter dipped 8 percent […]

Pharmaceutical Makers Turn To CRM

Pharmaceutical Makers Turn To CRM After years of blockbuster medications that literally change the way their customers live, drugmakers are facing a period of uncertainty as the cost of developing the next big thing grows and the discovery pipeline shrinks. Many pharmaceutical companies are turning to customer-relationship-management technology as a means to squeeze revenue from […]

Who's Going To Pay For Global Health?

Who’s Going To Pay For Global Health? The amazingly swift global response to the SARS outbreak earlier this year demonstrated once and for all that it is possible for countries to join forces and fight epidemics quickly and effectively. So, shouldn’t the same apply to the true pandemics � AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis? Indeed it […]