Drug Patent Expirations in April 2010

Drug Patent Expirations in April 2010

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent Number Patent Expiration
HYZAARMerckhydrochlorothiazide; losartan potassium5,153,197*PEDApr 6, 2010
IPLEXInsmedmecasermin rinfabate recombinant5,200,509Apr 6, 2010
COZAARMercklosartan potassium5,153,197*PEDApr 6, 2010
DUODOTEMeridian Medclatropine; pralidoxime chloride5,092,843Apr 12, 2010
EMBEDAAlpharma Kingmorphine sulfate; naltrexone hydrochloride5,202,128Apr 13, 2010
KADIANActavis Elizabethmorphine sulfate5,202,128Apr 13, 2010
MUSEVivusalprostadil5,773,020Apr 25, 2010
FLOMAXBoehringer Ingelheimtamsulosin hydrochloride4,703,063*PEDApr 27, 2010

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