Drug Patent Expirations in February 2009

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com:

Drug Patent Expirations in February 2009

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent NumberPatent Expiration
FERIDEX I.V.Amag Pharms Incferumoxides5,102,652Feb 6, 2009
IMITREXGlaxosmithklinesumatriptan5,037,845Feb 6, 2009
IMITREXGlaxosmithklinesumatriptan succinate5,037,845Feb 6, 2009
IMITREX STATDOSEGlaxosmithklinesumatriptan succinate5,037,845Feb 6, 2009
TESLASCANGe Healthcaremangafodipir trisodium5,091,169Feb 25, 2009

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com

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  1. Ganesh
      March 3, 2009

    This information is amazing and my humble suggestion is to post the same for the whole year, as that would be useful for any company to look beyond.

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