Drug Patent Expirations in March 2007

Courtesy of DrugPatentWatch.com:

Drug Patent Expirations in March 2007

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

TradenameApplicantGeneric NamePatent NumberPatent Expiration
BUDESONIDEAstrazenecabudesonide4,907,583MAR 13,2007
FEMPATCHParke Davisestradiol4,906,463MAR 06,2007
GLYNASEPharmacia And Upjohnglyburide4,735,805MAR 11,2007
LOTRELNovartisamlodipine besylate; benazepril hydrochloride4,879,303MAR 25,2007
VIDEXBristol Myers Squibbdidanosine4,861,759MAR 01,2007
VIDEXBristol Myers Squibbdidanosine5,254,539MAR 01,2007
VIDEXBristol Myers Squibbdidanosine5,616,566MAR 01,2007
VIDEX ECBristol Myers Squibbdidanosine4,861,759MAR 01,2007
VIDEX ECBristol Myers Squibbdidanosine5,254,539MAR 01,2007
VUSIONBarriermiconazole nitrate; petrolatum, white; zinc oxide4,911,932MAR 27,2007

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