A general model for training the next generation of Biotechnology entrepreneurs based on recent experience of USA-UK-South Africa collaborations

Preparing students for future entrepreneurial activity in the biotechnology industry is an important issue in many parts of the world because most countries seek to reap the benefits of investments in university-based teaching and research through the development of a knowledge-based economy driven by a highly skilled work force. The current generation of biotechnology students will begin their professional lives in a globalized society. This means that flexibility, creativity and critical thinking are essential personal skills that need to be cultivated by students at universities in order for graduates to be competitive in the job market of a fast-moving world. It is no longer sufficient for universities to teach students to be passionate about science and to enjoy learning and discovering new things. Biotechnology students, in particular, need to be trained to identify the connections between science and its commercial applications.

Full details at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

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