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Building Biotechnology

Third Edition, August 2008
456 pagesHardcover ISBN: 978-09734676-5-9
Perfect bound ISBN: 978-09734676-6-6

Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development

First Edition, March 2008
Perfect Bound, 186 pages, US$67.95
ISBN: 978-09734676-0-4

The Business of Biotechnology

Third Edition, August 2008
456 pages
Perfect bound, 224 pages, US$34.95
ISBN: 978-1934899-00-7

Best Practices in Biotechnology Education

First Edition, March 2008
Perfect Bound, 342 pages, US$74.95
ISBN: 978-09734676-7-3

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Also from the Publisher of BiotechBlog

Journal of Commercial BiotechnologyThe Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

a quarterly peer-reviewed professional journal which focuses on the commercial, legal, and regulatory issues affecting biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agrochemical, and environmental companies.

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  1. tool
      December 26, 2009

    veldig interessant, takk

  2. Felicia
      January 9, 2010

    Wow, before I saw this list, I went to Barnes & Noble earlier today and picked up these titles:
    -Chips, Clones, and Living Beyond 100 by Paul J. and Joyce A. Schoemaker.
    -Biotechnolgoy Demystified by Sharon Walker.
    -Genome by Matt Ridley and Francis Crick.

    What do you think?

  3. Imran Nasrullah
      October 29, 2010

    I would add the following:

    -Building Global Biobrands
    -Biotechnology Valuation
    -The Valuation of Technology
    -Risk-Sharing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    -Commercializing Successful Biomedical Technologies

  4. Larry Chaityn
      February 26, 2012

    As a successful Healthcare Investment Banker, BiotechBlog is an important resource I consult on a weekly basis. Keep up the great work!

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