Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Bootcamp – Now Available at Amazon

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Biotechnology Entrepreneurship BootcampThe recent special issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, containing the contents of a biotechnology entrepreneurship bootcamp, is now available for purchase at

The special issue is based on a biotechnology bootcamp run by Tepper professor Arthur A. Boni and Wharton professor Stephen M. Sammut.

Contents include:

Editorial: The Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp: From Lectern to Printing Press
Stephen M Sammut, Arthur A Boni

New paradigms in drug R&D: A personal perspective
David C U’Prichard

Project, Product or Company
Arthur Boni

The Basics of Coverage, Coding, and Reimbursement
Robert Wanerman

Transition from the Lab to the Clinic
James G Kenimer, James Ackland

Building Teams in Entrepreneurial Companies
Arthur Boni, Laurie Weingart

The Pitch to Investors and Partners
Arthur Boni

Strategic Engagement of the Science-Business Media
Moira A. Gunn

Achieving optimal financial and strategic transaction outcomes for small to mid-sized privately funded start-ups
Benjamin P Chen, Christa Nicholas

Partnering With the NIH: Now Part of the “Value Proposition” for Start-ups
Steve Ferguson

Licensing, Partnering, Strategic Alliances and University Relationships
Wesley Daniel Blakeslee

What Every Biotech Entrepreneur Needs to Know about VC Due Diligence
Stephen M Sammut

Valuation Methods in Early-Stage Biotechnology Enterprises: The “Venture Capital Method” at Work
Stephen M. Sammut

The Art of the Cap Table
Ashley John Stevens

The special issue is available for purchase through the following outlets:

Individual papers or complete subscriptions are available at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology website.

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