Do you like video production and biotechnology?

I’m looking for people who are comfortable with video production and are into biotechnology. If that’s you (or someone you know), please drop me a line.

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  1. yedukondalu
      January 20, 2012


  2. yedukondalu
      January 20, 2012

    i wanted to publish project

  3. Agnes Shanley
      January 20, 2012

    No doubt you’ve heard of JoVE, but just in case….they have an interesting model and network of scientist/videographers…Noticed their website is down today, but published a piece on them recently, and a news article also appeared in mainstream press….

  4. stephanie
      January 30, 2012

    I discovered by chance your blog. I have a PhD in biology. I am currently a post-doc in Paris area. But I am also interrested by computer graphics and animation 2D and 3D. I did some images and movies about biology. you can visit my blog at sorry it is in french for now…
    best regards