Genentech goes offshore

Genentech is investing $140mm in a new biologic manufacturing plant in Singapore. The first commercial-scale microbial fermentation plant in Singapore, and a significant International investment by US-based Genentech. This is the latest of a number of international manufacturing and R&D centers being located in Singapore, and is a sign of the growing trend of biotechnology operations being globally distributed in specialized centers with favorable economics, worker, or other resource availability.

In a related post, David Rosen reports that Indian trade possibilities boggle the mind while on an Illinois trade mission to India.

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  1. NYC
      April 5, 2007

    It would be exciting to have truly biotechnology companies which develop innovative biomedical products in Singapore and not just biologics manufacturing. All in all, EDB is certainly doing a good job paving the way for Singapore to become a major biotech hub.

  2. vIPIN
      November 16, 2010

    WHY NOT INDIA?????