Indian biotechnology: Full of promise, challenged by patents

India’s biotechnology industry has the potential to become a major driver of the country’s economy, but is challenged by one vital omission: patent protection. While current patent laws support a strong Indian generic industry, they also impede foreign investment. Without foreign investment India loses trading opportunities, and without a capacity to produce branded drugs India loses the opportunity to capture the full profit potential of its biotechnology industry.

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  1. Hareesh C P
      October 4, 2007

    We are currently approaching quite a few global Biotech majors and discussions are on at various stages for partnerships on Research Services(CRAMS biz). Whilst what you have written above is your opinion and there is the “India factor”, I can say for sure that the Big Corporations evaluate each organziation (of course the country itself has rola as well) on its merits and how the management of each organization works and how much do they respect IP !!!

  2. shubhra aprajita
      February 8, 2010

    i guess more than the problem of patents ,which i feel can be taken as a thumbs up for INDIA and among the problem areas would be the lack of trained professionals with required practical knowledge , the equuipments and the awareness among the people for the changes in this field .The various controversies for the release of BT Brinjal explicitly states the apprehensions of the world in letting biotechnology products enter the market