Introducing the new BiotechBlog Intern

Please welcome Fintan Burke, BiotechBlog’s new intern. Fintan will be contributing regular posts to BiotechBlog.

Fintan is a student at the School of Biotechnology at Dublin City University. His main fields of interest include biomedical therapies and recombinant organisms.  Fintan may be contacted at [email protected] .


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  1. Viren Konde
      February 8, 2012

    Welcome Fintan Burke. BiotechBlog is a wonderful platform to interact with many bio-business professionals around the world. We’ll be waiting to read many more contributions from you. Thanks to Yali Friedman for the initiative.

  2. Elizabeth Adams
      February 9, 2012

    Welcome. I’m looking forward for the new posts. I will check them out.