Investment in Life Sciences in Scotland: Challenges and Opportunities

As the global life sciences industry changes, the most successful regions in attracting inward investment will be those that evolve and adapt to provide the most attractive offer. In Scotland, the government is developing an environment to “push” its life sciences sector to complement the strong “pull” that these changes in the global life sciences industry and in investor sentiment have created.

The Scottish Government and the life sciences industry have developed a strategy that aims to anchor in Scotland those businesses that provide vital skills and market access; increase the number of more resilient companies and comprehensive supply chains; and attract new inward investment and talent that will build on Scotland’s existing capabilities.

The Scottish Government is improving on the country’s existing strengths and aims to capitalise on prior investment in Scotland’s research excellence, particularly in areas such as stem cells and regenerative medicine and ”precision medicine”, where there are significant current and emerging commercial opportunities.

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