Journal of Commercial Biotechnology – January 2008

After months of work, the January issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, my first as managing editor, has just been published. The links below will take you to each article:

Volume 14, Issue 1


Yali Friedman


The ability to pick biotech talent: Being a better interviewer moves ‘you’ up the ladderPDF
David G Jensen
How the UN’s anti-biotech policies worsen global warmingPDF
Henry I Miller
Building a conducive environment for life science-based entrepreneurship and industry clustersPDF
Mark J Ahn, Michael Meeks
Cloning an industry: Strategy typologies of Shanghai biotechnology companiesPDF
Ken Malone, Brent Hales, Justin Chan, Monica Love, Jeremiah Rayner
Biotechnology in India: Public–private partnershipsPDF
Viren Konde
Biogenerics 2007: How far have we come?PDF
John Tucker, Seth Yakatan, Stan Yakatan
Monoclonal antibody therapeutics: Leading companies to maximise sales and market sharePDF
Karl Ziegelbauer, David R Light
Globalising clinical development in JapanPDF
Yorozu Tabata, Chris Albani

From the Classroom

Bioentrepreneurship education programmes in the United StatesPDF
Arlen D Meyers, Patrick Hurley

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Legal and regulatory updatePDF
John Wilkinson

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