Journal of Commercial Biotechnology — July 2010 issue now available

The July 2010 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 16, Issue 3


Increasing clarityPDF
Yali Friedman


Personalized medicine and oncology: A commentary and key questionsPDF
Robert Freeman


Market access – An essential investment before drug launchPDF
Sean McGrath
Rethinking commercial strategy – A patient-centered commercial modelPDF
Sanjay K Rao
Pathways to biomedical tipping points: Vertical, horizontal or other?PDF
Mark J Ahn, Anne S York, Polly Rizova
Key drivers influencing the commercialization of ethanol-based biorefineriesPDF
Anuj K Chandel, Om V Singh, Gajula Chandrasekhar, Linga Venkateswar Rao, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu
Made in India: Are you ready for outsourced contract manufacturing?PDF
Andrew Lees, Sheila Khatri

Intellectual Property Management

Controlling costs in patent litigationPDF
Catherine Rajwani

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Gene patent considered by English Court of AppealPDF
Philip Webber
Commentary regarding decision in Myriad Genetics on ‘isolated’ DNA claimsPDF
Thomas J Kowalski, Deborah L Lu

Book Reviews

Book Review: Biotechnology: A Comprehensive Training Guide for the Biotechnology IndustryPDF
James Harber

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