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Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Vol 18, Issue 4 (2012)

The Birth of a Discipline
Arlen Meyers
Bioentrepreneurship is a new academic discipline Full details at theJournal of Commercial Biotechnology

Not fully harmonized: Differences in biotechnology patenting between Europe and the United States
Brian R Dorn, Zoë Birtle
There has been a trend of worldwide harmonization of patent laws. Due to the continuing harmonization, examination of patents in Europe and the United States are very similar.  However, examination standards between the two patent offices can differ. Thus, applicants should be aware of the differences between examination standards since both standards need to be addressed in the single patent application…
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CROs in Modern-day China
Steven S Ma
Contract research organization (CRO) outsourcing has become a critical strategy for multinational biopharmaceutical companies looking to reduce costs, time-to-market and expanding their pipelines as blockbuster patents expire. Much of the growth in the CRO industry is coming from emerging markets, such as China and India…
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Analyzing the Broadening Scope of Patentability in the Advancing Field of Biotechnology
Jessica Downing
The current U.S. patent system is considered to provide the broadest patent protection of all patent systems in existence, especially with respect to the biotechnology industry. Advances in science and technology have been key contributors to the growth and development of legislation controlling patent law…
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Biotechnology in Brazil: An Industry Overview
Ezequiel Zylberberg, Claudia Zylberberg, Asli Ceylan Oner
Recently becoming the sixth largest economy in the world, Brazil has relied, in large part, on its comparative advantages of resource extraction and agriculture. Sustained long-term growth will require Brazil moves into higher value industries that build of off its comparative advantage. Biotechnology has surfaced as a sector of strategic importance, and government involvement in finance, education and research and development has created an industry on the cusp of global significance…
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Lessons on Emerging Markets and Global Health
Victoria Y. Fan, Bryan A liang
Full details at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

Global Health Diplomacy and Management Mechanisms of US-China Public Health Collaborations in China: Lessons for Emerging Markets
Matthew David Brown
China is the largest emerging market in the world…
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Emerging Markets and Differential Pricing Policies: A Question of Global Health?
James Class
Over the past decades, global health has moved from discrete disease campaigns to major developmental strategies. However, medication affordability remains an important, unsolved challenge for industry and the global community. This effort requires coordinated actions by multiple stakeholders. Industry can play a specific role through responsible, differentiated pricing of medicines…
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Tipping Point: Biosimilars, Emerging Markets, and Public-Private Engagement to Promote Global Health
Bryan A Liang
Biosimilars, also known as follow on biologics, are complex biotechnology drugs that are similar, but not identical, to original biologic drug forms, and represent potential lower cost versions that may improve access. Yet biologics and their biosimilar forms have a key safety concern: unwanted immunogenicity…
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Globalization, Evolution and Emergence of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Are Emerging Markets the Next Pharmaceutical Marketing Frontier?
Timothy Ken Mackey
Pharmaceutical marketing has rapidly evolved over the past century and has now entered the digital revolution.  This is exemplified by the rise of direct-to-consumer-advertising (“DTCA”), which has traditionally been only allowed in the United States and New Zealand in developed countries, but is now expanding in reach to other jurisdictions…
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The Partnership for Safe Medicines-India: Lessons for Emerging Markets
Bejon Kumar Misra
While medicines are always expected to be a safe remedy for human ailments, unfortunately, there is also the phenomenon of ‘unsafe medicines’ due to unscrupulous elements in society manufacturing and marketing fake, spurious, mislabeled medicines, as well as medicines with sub-standard ingredients…
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Blood Supply and Safety in the Developing World: Considerations for Emerging Markets
William Riley, Jeffrey McCullough
Assuring a safe and adequate blood supply in developing nations such as emerging markets is a daunting challenge that directly affects fundamental health metrics of a country. Numerous mortalities can be reduced when an effective national blood transfusion system is in place including leading causes of death such as maternal hemorrhage, sickle cell anemia, and malaria…
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Biomarketing strategy and tactics 101 PART III of III
Dimitris Dogramatzis
The American Marketing Association defines marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America appropriate marketing of medicines ensures that patients have access to the products they need and that the products are used correctly for maximum patient benefit…
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The University of California, Davis, collaborative model for biotechnology education and training
Judith Ann Kjelstrom
UC Davis and its partners are addressing the need for innovation and entrepreneurship in graduate education and training. This paper will showcase the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology graduate education program, cross-disciplinary partnerships and technology brokering. These interactions can bring diverse groups of individuals together to translate ideas into real world applications…
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