The Success Matrix: Winning in Business and in Life

This spring has been a busy one for book launches — I have one final book to announce: The Success Matrix.

The Success Matrix: Winning in Business and in Life takes a slightly different approach than most business books.the-success-matrix_150px

A typical business book guides the reader through its prescribed methods and tools, using various real world examples to support its concepts and conclusions. In fact, the central chapters of The Success Matrix do just that. But The Success Matrix is atypical in the opening and closing chapters. In these chapters the author conveys the basic concepts of the book in a format that should be more accessible and recognizable to readers who are themselves executives, managers, entrepreneurs or individual contributors: a fictional account of one executive’s exposure to The Success Matrix, as explained to him by his friend and mentor.

Bracketing deep management insights with a fictional story to illustrate the power of the concepts within, The Success Matrix demonstrates how, by focusing on the balance across three areas — Vision, Process, and Output, you can improve your business performance as well as satisfaction in your world outside of work. It’s a fun, easy read, but with serious impact in your business, your career and your personal life.

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