The University of Colorado Certificate Program in Bioinnovation and Entrepreneurship: An interdisciplinary, cross-campus model

In keeping with an emerging literature on the role of business education in the development of entrepreneurially-intentioned biotechnologists, this paper describes the actions and experiences of an entrepreneurship program that began in the late 1990’s. Along the way it illustrates how a business-centric approach can shift the budding entrepreneur’s perspective from a product to a market orientation when considering an innovation’s commercialization. While the developmental timeline and specific stages of the adoption process for biotechnology-based products vary from traditional consumer or industrial products, there many similarities, foremost is the notion that to be successful the market must perceive significant advantage to the new offering. Lastly, this paper provides thoughts on potentially profitable areas for program expansion and new foci, especially regarding the globalization of biotechnology innovation and international opportunities.

Full details at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
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