Transgenic crop research and regulation in India: Whether legislation rightly drives the motion?

The promotion of genetic engineering research and GM crops can help to overcome the future deficit of food production in India. Hunger, poverty, malnutrition etc. are significant problems that still need to be addressed. ‘The National Food Security Act, 2013’ is expected to resolve some of these challenges. Agricultural GDP needs to be augmented by an increase in food crop production. Policy and social considerations related to GM crops continue to be a popular debate in the country. The regulation of transgenic plant research is guided by several legislations in the country. Regulatory agency approvals impact commercialization of transgenic crops. As greater capacity continues to develop in transgenic research on plants in Asia one of the prime considerations is whether Indian legislation and regulation adequately promote transgenic plant research. The present study maps and analyses various legislations that are involved in the research and commercialization of transgenic crops. The framework suggested will serve as a ready reckoner for firms practicing in this area.

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