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thinkBiotech founder Yali Friedman is Chief Editor of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology. The JCB is always looking for research papers, case studies, strategic guidance, and industry perspectives. The JCB also welcomes shorter commentaries on industry developments. More details and sample papers are available at


BiotechBlog welcomes informative, non-commercial messages. This non-refereed outlet is more inclusive than the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology and is an excellent outlet for your industry perspectives and practical guidance. Submission guidelines are at, and existing guest content is at

Please send a short pitch using the contact form. Please include a author headshot/company logo and author/company bio for the byline along with any submissions.


thinkBiotech publishes books under the Logos Press imprint. Logos Press specializes in reference and text books addressing the use of knowledge to make intelligent strategic decisions. Recent titles are posted at If you are interested in writing a book or editing a compilation , please check out the submission guidelines at for guidance.


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  1. Dr Satpal SinghBisht
      July 16, 2011

    In this 21st century as a Biotechnologist, I visualize that many more happenings in the field of Biological Sciences are in the queue. Biotechnology has already made a huge contribution to the knowledge specially the cure for AIDS is very near, genetically modified organisms improved the quality of life and gene therapy is a reality and many more exiting discoveries have been made for the benefit of mankind.

    In the department many exciting things happened during past few years. More than 100 Post-graduate students completed their Masters Degree with outstanding performance and now working in various research institutes and Pharmaceutical companies across the nation, faculty members attended many seminars in India and abroad. Department of Biotechnology reflected in the high number of scientific publications in national and international conferences, seminars, workshops and research journals. 100% university results, timely completion of the credits, practical exposure to the students in various fields of biotechnology at par national standards is our routine exercise now.

    We also had the privilege of having many visiting scientists from various institutes and universities as our resource persons for the higher degree of academic exposure to the students and now we are in the process to have a strategic alliance with some important industries and institutes for further strengthening of the department

    It remains a privilege to be head of a department under the highly progressive leadership of our Director, Chairperson and Dr. M.E. B.Rao, Chief Executive & Principal, highly motivated and dedicated faculty personnel’s, PhD students, Masters students and technical staff who are all prepared to go the extra mile. This year we entered to our silver jubilee year and committed to continue to pursue our vision with the process added values to our stakeholders, nation and society in general.

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