Call for chapters – Biotechnology Marketing

I am extending my “Best Practices in Biotechnology” book series with additional books in specific niches in biotechnology commercialization. This project is based on my observation that details on many of the critically important elements in biotechnology business development – including managing global operations and regulations, communication and public relations, financial management, and using marketing to drive R&D decisions – do not receive sufficient attention in readily-accessible sources.

I am soliciting articles from industry insiders with deep experience in these areas, and welcome your proposals for chapter submissions. I feel quite strongly that a comprehensive book series covering the aforementioned topics can complement my existing books quite well and can leverage the strong textbook, trade, and library channels they have established.

This is a call for chapters on biotechnology marketing. Specifically, I am looking for case studies, best practices, guidelines, etc. in biotechnology marketing.

Examples include:

  • Using marketing to drive R&D decisions
  • Lifecycle management
  • Using marketing to distinguish a firm from competitors (and, potentially, their controversies/failures)
  • Driving product sales
  • Novel marketing methods or challenges
  • Guidelines for dealing with FDA oversight
  • etc.

I am also planning books on related topics such as communication, so let me know if you have any proposals for topics other than marketing.

Currently I am seeking interest in chapter contributions. The rough timeline for delivery is fall 2009, enabling publication in 2010. If you are interested in participating in this project or have any questions, please use the contact form.


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