Journal of Commercial Biotechnology — April 2009 Special Issue on Education

The April 2009 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. This special issue on education was guest-edited by Arlen Meyers.

The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 15, Issue 2

Arlen Meyers


Integrating virtual internships into online classroomsPDF
Richard Conroy, Rana Khan
The implementation of a proseminar course to lead change in the MS.MBA biotechnology programme at Johns Hopkins UniversityPDF
Lynn Johnson Langer
Creating bioentrepreneurs: How graduate student organisations foster science entrepreneurshipPDF
Justin T Brown, Andrew C Kant
Best practices for developing university bioentrepreneurship education programmesPDF
Thomas Crispeels, Oliver Uecke, Marc Goldchstein, Michael Schefczyk
Team-based learning in Keck Graduate Institute’s professional Master of Bioscience programmePDF
Jane G Tirrell, Thomas Gregory Dewey
Creating alternatives in sciencePDF
Nicole G Gravagna
Building the future biotechnology workforce: A University of Houston modelPDF
Rupa S Iyer, William E Fitzgibbon
The Bioentrepreneurship MBA: Options for mid-tier business schoolsPDF
Susan Malone Back

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