Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology. Some pretty good stuff this week. More Vioxx news, the human genome stops by for an update, and no love for the FDA.


SignalsMag provides an update on March financials: Modest Gains, Solid Quarter.


The Drug Wonks take a Dumb and Dumber approach to drug price controls, an excellent case of argumentum ad absurdum.

Following the the same vein, Pharma Marketing explains how the New England Journal of Medicine was Hoodwinked by Merck.
In another post, Pharma Marketing explains why the FDA’s grade just went from pass to fail.

Scientific Developments

The human genome is back in the news, this time reporting for what hopefully will be the last time, that the entire sequence of the human genome has finally been completed.

The Times has an article on Frankencotton where they introduce genetically modified shirts and ask why nobody seems to be afriad of genetically modified clothes.

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