Carnival of Biotechnology

This week’s edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology addresses a number of issues challenging the biotechnology industry today.


About biotech proclaims Innovation is dead, long live innovation! in the wake of Proctor & Gamble’s spin of the dissolution of it’s pharma R&D efforts as a bold new innovation strategy.

A Vc asks changing our expectations and creating a second way for drugs to come to market can solve the ills facing the industry.


The Drug Wonks present their modest proposal, a solution for those concerned about big pharma’s unreasonable drug prices


With a number of medical blunders such as the withdrawal of Vioxx, disastrous clinical trials, and now Bausch & Lomb’s association with fungal infections, Eye on FDA presents guidelines to avoiding a crisis in communications during a medical product crisis.


Feeling unloved? Money magazine has rated biotechnology research scientists as the 35th-best job in America. Enjoy the ride while it lasts – these jobs aren’t immune to offshoring.

That’s it for this edition of the Carnival of Biotechnology. Don’t forget to submit your items, and if you’re interested in hosting the carnival, drop a line to [email protected]

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