Global biotechnology at SXSW

sxsw biotechnologyAre you attending SXSW in March? Do you want to hear more about global biotechnology?

BiotechBlog frequent contributor Susan Finston and I have proposed a panel on global biotechnology: FoundingBiopharma in a Hard Place: Is India Ready?

I will draw on the Scientific American global biotechnology rankings I have published over the last seven years, distilling trends and lessons for developing biotechnology around the world.

Susan will cap the discussion with her personal story as CEO of Amrita Therapeutics, a biotechnology company started in India with Ananda Chakrabarty, inventor of the first biotechnology patent. who left India decades ago due to a weak patent protection climate, only to now found Amrita in India.

Excited to hear more? Then vote for our panel on the SXSW panelpicker!

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