Introducing Biotech-U: Web-based courses on biotechnology

After months of effort, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Biotech U, a biotechnology education resource featuring web-based lessons on biotechnology business, law, IP, politics, regulations, and science.

Biotech U is based on Building Biotechnology, the leading text used in business-of-biotechnology courses. The online-learning structure is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals who seek a robust educational resource but lack the time to attend traditional classes. Feel free to try the sample course, an Introduction to Biotechnology, and I hope you enjoy this new resource.

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  1. Webster Jorgensen
      January 15, 2009

    This is great. Nice work. I’ve covered this new project on my biotech degree site here:

    Do you plan on adding some more course work in the future? This would be a great resource for prospective students considering a degree in biotechnology or related field.

  2. BiotechBlog
      January 26, 2009


    Thanks for the kind words and link.

    I certainly do plan on adding more courses in the future, once I’ve had a chance to observe usage patterns.