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Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Volume 20, Number 1bioentrepreneurship-bootcamp

Russia-Focused Venture Capital Supports In-Bound Technology Transfer and Company Building: An Analysis of Investment Trends and Outcomes
John M. Garvey, Shann Kerner, Axel Tillmann, Dmitry Kuzmin
This paper analyzes the approaches taken by the Russian government to promote innovation in the biotechnology sector within the country.  Russia is economically strong, currently with a trade surplus, and the country is investing broadly in initiatives that have resulted in in-bound technology transfer, as well as an expansion of the private sector…
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Funding biotech start-ups in a post-VC world
William Bains, Stella Wooder, David Ricardo Munoz Guzman
Investment in start-up biotech. companies outside the USA has essentially disappeared. VC investment in biotechnology and healthcare as a whole has nearly returned to pre-2008 levels, but almost all is in later stage opportunities. But companies continue to be founded, and continue to flourish. We examine the VC investment patterns for the past 7 years, and show that a start-up today can expect little VC support…
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Biotechnology Venture Investing and Neurodegenerative Medicine: Promise of New Approaches to Cure an Ailing Model
Dushon DeVere Riley, Mark Cochran
Neurodegenerative diseases are one of the leading public health challenges of the next 50 years. Pharmaceutical therapies have traditionally targeted the later stages of neurodegenerative diseases; however, this strategy – as the recent failures of clinical trials for Alzheimer’s drugs have highlighted – has been unsuccessful…
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A biological battlefield: The potential applications of using remote sensing technology and biomarker organisms for identifying, tracking, and differentiating persons of interest within an area of operations
Jason Rivera
Since World War II, the majority of American wartime engagements have been characterized by a series of low-intensity, asymmetric conflicts. These conflicts have increased the importance of understanding the dynamics of individual actors within complex battlespaces which in turn has led U.S. military commanders, intelligence professionals, and wartime decision makers to seek a variety of means for identifying, tracking, and differentiating persons of interest…
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How a large biotechnology company teamed with a translation service provider to define best practices
Jeremy Coombs
According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, nearly 100,000 pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent applications are filed each year around the world, and the trend is increasing. These companies have very little room for error in the work they conduct each day. As a result, the translations of these patent applications need to be completely accurate, which requires a translation service provider who follows best practices…
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A Social Media Manifesto
Peter J. Pitts
The role of marketing communications is to advance the bottom line and the public good – and not necessarily in that order. Giving back is an integral part of the New Normal. And there has never been a better tool to accomplish this mission than social media…
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Raw materials intended to be used for Gene, Cell and Tissue therapies: legal and regulatory considerations
Sophie Bisson
This paper offers some insights on the European regulatory situation with respect to raw materials used in production of gene, cell and tissue therapy products, including advanced therapy medicinal products. By focusing on the existing EU and French rules, the purpose of this paper is to review the content and scope of the measures restricting their placing on the market and/or use, the legal implications and hence key challenges ahead…
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EU Legal & Regulatory Update
Ewan Grist

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