New book by biotechnology pioneer Ananda Chakrabarty

Ananda Chakrabarty is the holder of the first patent on a genetically-modified organism. Lately he’s turned his sights to a revolutionary new approach to cancer treatment — utilizing proteins from naturally-occuring symbiotic bacteria. These exploits are described in his new book, Bugging Cancer.

For centuries mankind has been intimidated by cancer, and research has been going on for many decades as to how to address or attack the disease meaningfully so as to eradicate it. But the causes of cancer are so diverse in nature that it is extremely difficult to predict or to control the conditions, let alone fully cure it.

Bugging Cancer is a fictional book, based on real scientific progress in using bacteria and bacterial proteins to attack malignant tumor cells. Scientific results are extended in a fictional way to describe the cancer-fighting power of an imaginary bacterial protein termed neelazin.

The book also mirrors present-day issues, including international competition for scientific talent, issues in patent law, research ethics, and financing. Written by a team of seasoned scientific and business professionals, Bugging Cancer is sure to appeal to scientific researchers, patent attorneys, physicians, any anyone else interested in healthcare and scientific innovation.

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  1. Looking forward to read this book. It would be interesting to see how the authors think about talents immigration trends.

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