Third Annual Scientific American Worldview: Measuring Global Biotechnology

The third issue of Scientic American’s Worldview is now available at

In this latest issue I continue my comparative assessment of the biotechnology innovation environment in different countries. I also include additional highlights:

  • Which country is home to the most drug inventors?
  • Which country has the greatest biotechnology patenting intensity?
  • Which country has the greatest relative biotechnology R&D spend?
  • Which country has the most global collaboration on innovation?
  • Which region has the fastest growing drug market?
  • Which country has the largest drug market?
  • Which country has the longest drug approval lag
  • Which country has the most publications in the field of biotechnology?
  • Which country is the largest drug exporter?
  • Which country has the strongest public biotechnology markets?

I have also increased the number of countries measured from 38 last year to 48 this year.

The answers to these questions may suprise you. For answers to these questions and more, see the Scientific American Worldview project at

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