Using bacterial symbionts to combat cancer #bio2012

In a panel on international collaboration in drug development, biotechnology pioneer Ananda Chakrabarty described a new approach to eradicating cancer.

Dr. Chakrabarty’s research, as described in the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, uses proteins from naturally-occurring human bacterial symbionts to combat cancer. Bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa are able to live inside humans and have developed anti-cancer compounds to check cancer and protect  their human hosts.

Read more in the January issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.

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  1. Becky
      June 25, 2012

    such a new brilliant approach to eradicate cancer! this is interesting and beneficial as the bacterial proteins termed azurin & ATP-01 not only found effective in anticancer but also cancer preventive activity. Besides, because those bacteria are naturally-occurring human bacterial symbionts, i think it is higher chances to reduce/prevent immunogenicity and always non-toxic to human. it’s great to hear that ATP-01 also effective in anti-HIV/AIDS activity, should be a great invention and discovery!

  2. Becky
      June 25, 2012

    by the way, how’s the mechanism in anticancer as well as cancer preventive works? how they disrupt the normal system of growing of the cancer cells? by RNAi? by making error in DNA replication? by dealing with the regulatory elements in cancerous cells?