Globalization, Evolution and Emergence of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Are Emerging Markets the Next Pharmaceutical Marketing Frontier?

Pharmaceutical marketing has rapidly evolved over the past century and has now entered the digital revolution.  This is exemplified by the rise of direct-to-consumer-advertising (“DTCA”), which has traditionally been only allowed in the United States and New Zealand in developed countries, but is now expanding in reach to other jurisdictions.  Enabling the “globalization” of pharmaceutical DTCA is Internet-related technologies that are not limited to geographical borders and are highly unregulated.  This DTCA digital “spillover” into markets that prohibit it can have adverse impact on health outcomes and health-related spending.  Emerging markets may represent the next logically step for digital DTCA proliferation, given their untapped market potential and explosive growth.  Further research and global health policy reform is necessary to address this “emerging” global health issue.

Full details at the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
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