Scientific American Discusses 2014 Worldview Global Biotechnology Innovation Assessment

For those who missed the live presentation, here is the discussion of the 2014 Scientific American Worldview scorecard, featuring myself, Mike May (Worldview Editorial Director), David Brancaccio ( public radio’s Marketplace), and Caroline Rugierri (Access Life Sciences).

Some of the themes we discussed were:

  • Innovation’s true “value proposition” and the ways in which investing in science has multilayered societal returns
  • The biggest issues in biotech that continue to “flatten” the world and create common missions among countries
  • The ever-changing landscape of international innovation and the ways government and industry can best support life science development

I hope you enjoy the preview. You can see past issues of Worldview at, and the 2014 issue will be launched at the BIO 2014 convention in San Diego.

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