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The October 2009 issue of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology is now available. The links below will take you to the abstract for each paper:

Volume 15, Issue 4


Intellectual property and biotechnology innovation: To protect or not protect? PDF
Yali Friedman


The correlation between medical tourism and biotechnology PDF
David G Vequist IV, Erika Valdez
The VC manifesto: Special pleading for a damaged cause: Commentary on Simon Witney interview PDF
William Bains


Innovate America: The Technology Innovation Program at NIST PDF
Andrew S Klein, Mrunal S Chapekar
Valuation of complex license contracts PDF
Ralph Villiger, Boris Bogdan
How can pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies maintain a high profitability? PDF
Klaus J Nickisch, Joachim M Greuel, Kerstin M Bode-Greuel
Multiyear patterns regarding the relative availability of venture capital for the US biotechnology industry PDF
J Leslie Glick
Building biotechnology teams: Personality does matter PDF
Anne S York, Kim A McCarthy, Todd C Darnold
Beacon Sciences: Commercialisation from biothreat detection to beauty enhancement PDF
Rob Hanes, Damon Borich

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Legal and Regulatory Update PDF
Gerry Kamstra, John Wilkinson

Book Reviews

Book Review: Genomics & society: Legal, ethical and social dimensions PDF
Dominic Clark
Book Review: Commercialization of innovative technologies: Bringing good ideas to the marketplace PDF
Arlen D Meyers
Book Review: Biotech funding trends: Insights from entrepreneurs and investors PDF
J Leslie Glick

In these videos Pfizer’s Vice President and Global Head of Molecular Medicine, Aidan Power, talk about a future where everyone’s genome is sequenced and drug prescriptions are based on your genetic makeup, and argues that personalized medicine will be the defining paradigm for discovering and developing drugs of the future.

To put these videos into context, consider the recent report which found  that a majority of patients receiving Herceptin had not been tested for HER-2 overexpression — Herceptin is a targeted drug intended primarily for patients overexpressing HER-2. The apparently common prescription of Herceptin independent of it’s diagnostic test suggests that the practice of medicine needs to adapt to keep pace with scientific advance.

Vice President and Global Head of Molecular Medicine

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Drug Patent Expirations in September 2009

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration
FARESTON Gtx Inc toremifene citrate 4,696,949 Sep 29, 2009
FELBATOL Meda Pharms felbamate 4,978,680 Sep 26, 2009
FELBATOL Meda Pharms felbamate 5,082,861 Sep 26, 2009
GLUCOTROL XL Pfizer glipizide 5,024,843 Sep 5, 2009
GLUCOTROL XL Pfizer glipizide 5,091,190 Sep 5, 2009
IMPLANON Organon Usa Inc etonogestrel 5,150,718 Sep 29, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,866,159 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,916,589 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,962,014 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 5,962,017 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 6,007,840 Sep 13, 2009
NEORAL Novartis cyclosporine 6,024,978 Sep 13, 2009
PRIMAXIN Merck cilastatin sodium; imipenem 5,147,868 Sep 15, 2009
STARLIX Novartis nateglinide RE34878 Sep 8, 2009
TOBRADEX Alcon dexamethasone; tobramycin 5,149,694 Sep 22, 2009
TOBRADEX ST Alcon dexamethasone; tobramycin 5,149,694 Sep 22, 2009
TOBRASONE Alcon fluorometholone acetate; tobramycin 5,149,693 Sep 22, 2009
XALATAN Pharmacia And Upjohn latanoprost 6,429,226 Sep 6, 2009

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