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The judging is underway for the Biotech Humanitarian Award. The pool of nominees was divided between the judges, so I’ve only seen some of them, but I’ve made my selections. One of the elements I’ve been looking for is evidence of going beyond one’s job description — how much has an individual done to drive the application of activities they’re involved with?

Here are the finalists I’m recommending:

Dr. Alain Fischer
I admire Dr. Fisher’s relentless pursuit of a promising technology that others have lost faith in — this hard-fought path is how many innovations occur.

Dr. Aristides Patrinos
Dr. Patrinos’ leadership in advancing key science and policy initiatives (like the Human Genome Project) is worthy of recognition. He has also gone on to start a company to develop genomics advances.

Dr. Brent R. Stockwell
I am impressed by Dr. Stockwell’s dedication to driving research, and going beyond the lab to push the application of his discoveries.

James Allen Heywood
Mr. Heywood has a strong record of bringing innovations into practice — in areas with rewards well beyond simple monetary compensation.

The recipient of the Humanitarian Award will be named at the BIO international convention in Chicago, IL, May 3-6, 2010.

I will be giving a talk on Educating the Next Generation of Biotechnology Founders and Managers at Pittcon in Orlando on March 1st.

The talk will be based on my observations in writing  Building Biotechnology and editing Best Practices in Biotechnology Education, in addition to the teaching I’ve done on the topic. I’ll be posting my slides after the event, but for a preview you can see my recent editorial on continuing education in biotechnology in the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.

Hope to meet some readers while I’m down there…

Drug Patent Expirations in February 2010

*Drugs may be covered by multiple patents

Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration
ZAGAM Mylan sparfloxacin 4,795,751 Feb 4, 2010
TEVETEN Abbott eprosartan mesylate 5,185,351 Feb 9, 2010
MYOVIEW Ge Healthcare technetium tc-99m tetrofosmin kit 5,045,302 Feb 9, 2010
TEVETEN HCT Abbott eprosartan mesylate; hydrochlorothiazide 5,185,351 Feb 9, 2010
HYZAAR Merck hydrochlorothiazide; losartan potassium 5,138,069*PED Feb 11, 2010
COZAAR Merck losartan potassium 5,138,069*PED Feb 11, 2010
EXUBERA Pfizer insulin recombinant human RE37872 Feb 12, 2010
EXUBERA Pfizer insulin recombinant human RE38385 Feb 12, 2010
MEPRON Glaxosmithkline atovaquone 4,981,874*PED Feb 15, 2010
NITRO-DUR Key Pharms nitroglycerin 5,186,938 Feb 16, 2010
SANDIMMUNE Novartis cyclosporine 7,511,014 Feb 16, 2010
ALDARA Graceway imiquimod 4,689,338*PED Feb 25, 2010

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