Archive for January, 2013

Biotechnology valuation and governance: Drug development and board of directors composition

This paper examines the valuation of biotechnology firms and measure firm value relative to the firms’ drug development pipelines, alliances with other firms, and the varied composition of those firms’ boards of directors.  Unsurprisingly, the adv…

Use of medicines for carved out indications – Time for a change in approach?

All stake-holders in the pharmaceutical industry recognise that valuable new medicines can be obtained from investing in the research and development of new uses for existing drugs.  The present system of awarding second medical use patents to origina…

NPV modelling for the selection of value-creating biosimilar development candidates

The purpose of this study was to apply net present value (NPV) modelling to evaluate the financial attractiveness and business risk of different categories of biosimilars. Challenges and opportunities of biosimilars are compared with those of standard …

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