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Shuffling off to Buffalo

I’ll be in Buffalo from July 1st – 4th for Buffalo Old Home Week, presenting on a panel on economic development and using some interesting case studies: bioproducts/biofuel in east Montana, simulation technologies in Alabama, and the case for a Buffalo-Rochester-Toronto collaboration in bioinformatics, medical imaging, and diagnostics. Wanna meet up for coffee? Drop me […]

Patenting synthetic life

Craig Venter, leader of the private effort to sequence the human genome, has filed for a patent on a synthetic bacterium. By knocking out each of Mycobacterium’s 470 genes, Venter and his team have elucidated a minimal set of genes that could, in theory, be synthesized on a stretch of DNA and inserted into a […]

Indian pharma scientists commanding U.S. wages – in India

Interesting post from the Business Standard: Pharma R&D heads call the shots. They report that top pharma scientists in India are commanding wages at or near U.S. rates with significant perks such as the operating in the U.S. for six months or round-trip tickets for their families. The impact of this strong compensation is that […]

Herbert Boyer

It’s important to remember where the biotechnology industry comes from: the demonstration of gene splicing by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen in 1973. Investor’s Business Daily has a great non-interview (Boyer doesn’t give interviews) profile of Boyer, retelling the story of Boyer’s meeting with Robert Swanson and the formation of Genentech, one of the first […]

Functional Overview of the Biotechnology Industry

Here’s a slideshow of the presentation I give to students when I’m asked to give them a general introduction to the business of biotechnology. The material is drawn from my book, Building Biotechnology. Go ahead and post any questions you may have in the comments.

Drug Patent Expirations in June 2007

Courtesy of Drug Patent Expirations in June 2007*Drugs may be covered by more than one patent Tradename Applicant Generic Name Patent Number Patent Expiration AEROBID Roche Palo flunisolide 4,933,168 JUN 12,2007 ANTHELIOS SX Loreal Usa avobenzone; ecamsule; octocrylene 4,585,597 JUN 16,2007 ESTRING Pharmacia And Upjohn estradiol 4,871,543 JUN 12,2007 ESTRING Pharmacia And Upjohn estradiol […]

Carnival of Biotechnology

Welcome to the May 25th 2007 edition of Carnival of Biotechnology. Finance and business development The big news on the web is Google’s investment in 23andMe, described here by the California Biotech Law Blog. International biotech Business Week has an article on The Rush To Test Drugs In China. This is a story with a […]

The global spread of biotechnology

I’ve been tracking the global spread of biotechnology for quite a while now. I’m fascinated with why biotechnology has taken root so strongly in the United States while many other countries are struggling to develop critical mass. This is the topic of a paper I’ve recently co-submitted in response to a request from the American […]

A new journal in town…

If, like me, you miss the late Acumen Journal, you’ll be glad to hear that a very similar journal has launched. The Journal of Life Sciences brands itself “Where science and society meet.” A copy appeared in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to post a blog about it. Now that […]

Career Development at UNC Chapel Hill

I’ll be giving a talk on career development in biotechnology at UNC-Chapel Hill on Wednesday May 16th at 4pm in the Bioinformatics Building (ground floor auditorium), to be followed by a social/networking session at Top of the Hill (local brewery) at 5:30. My talk will open with my meandering career path, (hopefully) provide some guidance […]

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