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Leveraging affordable innovation to tackle India’s healthcare challenge

This article was originally published by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw in IIMB Management Review under a Creative Commons license. Abstract Affordable innovation, which presents ways to innovate, be flexible, and do more with…
The post Leveraging affordabl…

A Comparison of Generic Drug Prices in Seven European Countries: A Methodological Analysis

This paper was originally published by Olivier J. Wouters and Panos G. Kanavos in BMC Health Services Research  2017 17:242 ©  The Author(s). 2017 Abstract Background Policymakers and researchers frequently com…

A Guide to Time Lag and Time Lag Shortening Strategies in Oncology-Based Drug Development

Transformation of a new scientific idea into a new oncology-based drug requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and investment. The initial, but critical first step in this process is transferring basic oncology research into a clinical application known as a “translational” or “bench to bedside study”. As a postdoctoral fellow who performs prostate cancer research related bench work, […]

Patenting the Microbiome – Part 2: Microbiome IP Panel, 2017 BIO Convention

This is a guest post from Susan K Finston, President of Finston Consulting. Do you have a response to Susan’s post? Respond in the comments section below.  Given the increasing focus on microbiome technologies for better, safer therapies, and critical importance of Intellectual Property (IP) protection for their full commercialization, it is great to see the 2017 […]

Solving the problem of biologic delivery: Large volume wearable injectors

This is a guest post from Michael D. Hooven, President & CEO, Enable Injections Inc. The oxpecker perches on the backs of zebras and eats the ticks and parasites that live on their skin. The bird gets its food, and the beasts get pest control. It’s an example of mutualism at its best – both parties […]

From PhD to Life

This is a guest post from Craig Stropkay. Craig is Director and Life Science Consultant at KOLgroups, LLC Reach for the stars, they said.  You should definitely go get your PhD, you’d be great for it, they said.  Well, I guess they did have a point.  Pursuing my doctorate degree in Molecular Biology at Brandeis was […]

3 Tips for Finding the Right Talent for Your Biotech Startup

This is a guest post from Steve Kirsh. Steve is Founder + Managing Partner of Khameleon Group. When was the last time you used a matchmaking service? Chances are it was today. Platforms like Amazon, Airbnb, eBay and Uber (as well as the proverbial dating sites) have transformed matchmaking into an everyday adventure in which […]

Biotech in Countries Starting with “I” – Part 11: Italy (secondo)

This is a guest post from Susan K Finston, President of Finston Consulting. Do you have a response to Susan’s post? Respond in the comments section below. The run-up to Christmas in Italy is a magical experience, and a great time to revisit Italian agricultural biotechnology. Readers of this irregular series may recall an earlier entry on […]

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