Improving IPO market still not an exit path

Recent suggestions that improving IPO activity will lead biotech venture investors to lucrative exits seems to be a bit premature and detached from the reality of these deals. The maxim oft repeated by venture investors has never been truer: IPOs are f…

China’s heparin revisited: What went wrong and has anything changed?

China is the world’s largest producer of crude heparin. In 2007, tainted Chinese crude heparin made its way into the global finished heparin supply chain killing 149 persons in 11 different countries including 81 deaths in the US. While China never f…

The other side of innovation

Government sponsored comparative effectiveness research is the first step towards allowing Uncle Sam to push a restrictive formulary on more and more Americans – with step one in the process being unfettered (and unregulated) communications efforts. …

Biotechnology valuation and governance: Drug development and board of directors composition

This paper examines the valuation of biotechnology firms and measure firm value relative to the firms’ drug development pipelines, alliances with other firms, and the varied composition of those firms’ boards of directors.  Unsurprisingly, the adv…

Use of medicines for carved out indications – Time for a change in approach?

All stake-holders in the pharmaceutical industry recognise that valuable new medicines can be obtained from investing in the research and development of new uses for existing drugs.  The present system of awarding second medical use patents to origina…

Fixing a broken drug development process

It costs about $1.2 billion to bring a single new drug to market in the U.S. today.[1] With a combination of high late-stage failure rates and the high cost of drug trials, the number of new drugs being approved by the FDA has flat-lined at historicall…

NPV modelling for the selection of value-creating biosimilar development candidates

The purpose of this study was to apply net present value (NPV) modelling to evaluate the financial attractiveness and business risk of different categories of biosimilars. Challenges and opportunities of biosimilars are compared with those of standard …

Drug Patent Expirations in December 2012

Drug Patent Expirations for December 2012

Generic Name
Patent Number
Patent Expiration
somatropin recombinant
Dec 2, 2012

candesartan cilexetil; hydrochlorothiazide

Ignyta Ends 2012 with Oversubscribed, Expanded Series B Financing

Raises $6 million in equity and capital term loan to catalyze personalized medicine in autoimmune diseases(PRWeb December 31, 2012)Read the full story at

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