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Analyzing Brand-name and Generic Drug Costs in the U.S. and Eight Other Countries
A new Wharton study comparing average prices for pharmaceuticals in nine countries � the United States, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom � shows that average prices are highest in Japan, while prices in other countries are between 6% and 33% lower than prices in the U.S. Canada�s prices are the lowest.

States flock to biotech like gamblers to lottery tickets
Florida lawmakers last month approved a $310 million biotech research center proposed by Gov. Jeb Bush just three months ago. New York launched a media campaign in September to woo more biotech investors. In the past two years, New Mexico, Kentucky and Arkansas started venture-capital funds to attract and nurture biotech start-ups.

Dozens of other states might be next. A recent Brookings Institution report notes that biotech ranked as the No. 1 or No. 2 target for 83% of 113 state and local economic agencies nationwide.